Dr Ilias Tachtsidis

Dr Ilias Tachtsidis

Biomedical Engineer and Team Leader. Developer of optical technologies and methods to monitor brain function in health and disease.
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Dr Gemma Bale

Physicist who develops methods and instruments to monitor metabolism with light, in particular as a means of monitoring baby brain injury in the intensive care unit.
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Prof Nikki Robertson

Doctor of Philosophy – Paediatric Neurology whose research focuses on fundamental mechanisms of perinatal brain injury, the role of MR techniques to interrogate the neonatal brain and the development and translation of neuroprotective strategies.
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Dr Judith Meek

Consultant neonatologist UCLH and honorary senior lecturer UCL
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Phong Phan

Phong Phan

Medics and PhD student in BORL. My research interest is to use advances in optical technologies to investigate changes in cellular oxygen metabolism in the healthy and injured brain.

Dr Subhabrata Mitra

Clinical academic consultant, Neonatal unit, UCLH. Interested in perinatal neurology and in the development of systems to identify vulnerable infants at an early stage.
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Dr Frédéric Lange

Biomedical Engineer, Research Associate. Developing new instruments and methods to monitor brain function in health and disease.

Dr Paola Pinti

Biomedical Engineer and PhD in functional Neuroimaging. Developer of tools and algorithms for the analysis of functional neuroimaging data

Luca Giannoni

Luca Giannoni

Marie Curie Trainee & PhD student in Medical Imaging. Studying development of an hyperspectral imaging system for the exposed cortex to investigate the hemodynamic and metabolic responses of the brain, especially following brain traumatic injuries.

Zuzana Kovacsova

Zuzana Kovacsova

Medical Imaging PhD student focused on absolute measurements of oxygenation changes in the brain to monitor brain injury.

Joshua Russell-Buckland

Applied Mathematics Research Assistant and PhD Student. Developing software to understand brain physiology and its dynamics.

Isabel de Roever

PhD student with a background in Physics. Working on developing a near-infrared spectroscopy imaging system to monitor brain oxygenation and metabolism, with the aim of using the system in the clinic to monitor birth-asphyxiated infants.

Pardis Kaynezhad

Physicist and PhD student in Photonic Systems Development, application in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering. Interested in developing miniature light-based systems for oxygen metabolism measurement in brain and other parts of the central nervous system.

Nico Chen

Electronic Engineer, develops devices demonstrating optical properties and their interactions with tissue. Interested in integrating health related functions into devices through electrical methods.

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