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Arduino circuit to demonstrate scattering of light

Electronic worksheet – teacher’s copy

Electronic worksheet – student’s copy

Metabolism Model Worksheet

Science Circus Worksheet

MiniCYRIL Brain Scan Explanation

Handscan Explanation

MetaboLight Magazine Issue 1: Science

Science Issue Answers

Bale, Elwell, Tachtsidis

Arifler et al.

Scholkmann et al. 2014

Press Release –

Picture of the team at UCLH

Neonatal Unit in UCLH Magazine

Title page of the interview with Ilias

Ilias Tachtsidis Interviewed In Impact Magazine

International Women in Engineering Day 2017: Dr Gemma Bale, UCL

University Challenge slides

IOP Workshop slides

HIE information for parents

LIYSF Tile Slide

LIYSF Metabolight Workshop

How my daughter taught me the meaning of courage

Bliss: for babies born premature or sick

Gemma Bale stand up at Science Showoff

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