Engineering Saves Lives Masterclass

Two of the Metabolight team recently hosted a  session as part of UCL’s “Engineering Saves Lives” Masterclass series. Students from all across London came together to learn about how our team use light to explore the brain.


The day started with a short presentation on our work before moving on to the “science circus”. Four experiments were set up to explore different aspects of light and the brain, with students moving between experiments after ten minutes. Experiments ranged from using a model of metabolism in the brain to look at its function through to shining light through different materials to try and light up a sensor.


After a short break, students then took part in an electronic engineering tutorial led by Metabolight’s resident engineer, Nico Chen. From simple circuits that light up LEDs through to more complex ones that used different combinations of switches, all the students really enjoyed the chance to get hands on experience with part of our work that we don’t often get to talk about!


We finished the session by looking at the kind of machines we use in a clinical and research setting before then getting a few of the students up to the front to live stream their brain’s haemodynamics using our mini CYRIL device.


All in all, it was a great day with both our team and the students taking a lot away from the experience.


We’ll be posting materials about the experiments we developed for this session in the near future!

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