Lates: Future Science at National Science and Media Museum

Two of our MetaboLight team members went to the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford to give a talk and demonstration on how we use near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to monitor the brain!


People from all across Bradford came and visited our stand, with around 200 visitors over the 3 hour demonstration period. We managed to illuminate over 20 brains, and many visitors were fully engaged and interested in our explanations on how our compact system works and how this technology is being used to save lives of babies.


Our researcher, Paola Pinti, also gave a talk describing how light interacts with the environment, and how we use its properties to monitor the brain. She also gave insights from her own research projects, and fascinated audiences with the capabilities of this technology.


It was a fun day – hopefully we inspired more people to become scientists and engineers!

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