London Regional Big Bang Fair at Sutton Grammar School

MetaboLight was overjoyed to be part of the London Regional Big Bang Fair at Sutton Grammar School on 13 and 14 July 2018! Lots of interested students from 38 different schools poured into the school halls on Friday, with an estimated of 2000 students altogether on that day. The hall was filled with a fun atmosphere full of science and technology, with everyone coming to our stand with enthusiastic interest in how we use light to measure brain power, and leaving with delighted smiles as they saw their brain activity and hand scans.


Saturday was open to public, and we were more than happy to share our research with families and people from all backgrounds. It was a wonderful event, and we would like to thank Sutton Grammar School once more for organizing such a well-planned event!


After the event, we gathered a lot of positive feedback. One of the responses from a year 7 student was remarkable, and we are overjoyed to see that the student had enjoyed our activities:


I will be talking about a particular biological stand that involved the volunteer to do mathematics. You may ask why? Well as soon as you sit down into the testing chair, you will have an oxygen reader strapped to a headband placed on your forehead. This measures your brain’s oxygenation and metabolism. This was very interesting and I got to improve my mathematics. I enjoyed this stand very much and I learnt that my brain takes in a lot of oxygen while thinking but very few of that oxygen is used. This has led me to take much more interest in the human brain and its functions. It is amazing.

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