MetaboLight @ Harris Academy Purley

On 23rd January, MetaboLight teamed up with EWB UCL (Engineers Without Borders University College London) to hold a 3 hour long session for a group of enthusiastic year 8 students at Harris Academy Purley. The session started off with an electronics workshop, where students teamed up with their classmates to follow circuit diagrams and light up LEDs with buttons and potentiometers. Many students were extremely bright and managed to build the circuitry without help from our team!


Afterwards, we introduced them to our research and demonstrated our brain scan to them. They were intrigued and excited to see the results of their brain during stimulation! Finally, we held a Question & Answer session where students asked us questions regarding entry to university and how life in university is, where we shared our personal experiences and gave advice on how to pursue what they wanted. All in all, it was a fun and enjoyable session, and we hope the students found it enjoyable too!




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